18, but not quite grown.
i only have one friend i actually like..
Want a tattoo
but i am too afraid to commit.
i am often lonely but i hate people.
I think i might be weird sometimes but in actuality, i am just a really boring person with colored hair.
i think beards are sexy as fuck, but no one my age has a beard that is actually attractive. I am a hypocrite. i lie sometimes about things i don't even need to lie about. i hate technology. Large words make me feel stupid. i hate when the microwave beeps. I dont know what i want in life. and the future scares me. So instead of thinking about all of this, and maybe even solving some of the problems i have, or trying to make friends, i go on Tumblr.
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Lu’s Lips

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Nick Oaks - Montreal

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Ying Yang tattoo ! 

Last tattoos in Rio de Janeiro


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Next: La Paz, Bolivia

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hand drawn typography :)

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